Wednesday, October 6, 2010

THANKS ARNI - FRAN PAVLEY- -New California Law “Muffles” Motorcycles

New California Law “Muffles” Motorcycles

Just another reason how government in California, and in other states in general, are so out of touch with the American public. There are so many other serious problems that are affecting the multitudes, but instead some goofy legislator (FRAN PAVLEY) is going to save us from all of the EVILS of the world. It's soooo important to pass laws to outlaw everything from costume jewelry to 1 ply toilet paper. GET A LIFE -DUMB ASS!

People who know nothing about motorcycles should not be given the ability to legislate anything against them.
Please copy the above statement, or send your own to Miss Frannie and tell her how you feel.

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