Sunday, October 3, 2010


I typically tend to keep my political thoughts to myself. I realize everyone in this country is entitled to their own, and I'd like to think that as Americans we will stand shoulder to shoulder when someone tries to take our freedoms away.

I don't trust the main steam media because it's run by a bunch of rich F_ _ _ _ _ S that like to to pit us against each other just to have something to report. Think about it. If their's no drama, there's no news. If there's no news, they can't sell commercial time - SICK.

With that said, I believe that you should have a choice on how you want to spend your money. The government has demonstrated (over and over) they are no good at it. So why should we let them decide how to run our lives when it comes to our health care? It's not only about the money, it's about giving up your rights. We all know Freedom is not free, but this is getting out of hand. Don't you think?

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