Sunday, July 11, 2010


BEST of SHOWSome of the locals
What ever happened to the days when you could buy a used car and not have to deal with "SMOG" issues. The California powers to be have decided that anything 1975 and newer must be subject to an Emissions Check. To me it should be very simple, if the shit smokes, fix it until it doesn't. Anyway FYI, once you make the fixes you need to drive the vehicle at least 50 miles or so to reset the computer, then hope and pray that the ominous Check Engine light stays off. This process repeats itself until you make the computer permentaly
Let's make this simple and take the car. 10 miles and so far so good then, damn-it, little red light comes on. Back to the shop. Anyway Curley's is a real cool place. Food is tastey and the beer is cold.


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