Saturday, July 31, 2010


This is a Trail 70? Don't remember them being this nice
When summer is in full swing I can't help to remember back when every day consisted of cleaning spark plugs and going down to the 76 gas station to fill the bikes up with gas. .50 cents was plenty to fill up the tank and then sum. We were lucky, there was a vacant house in our buddy Drew Ivy's back yard and a vacant lot across the street. We made two holes in fence connecting two back yards together, voila instant track. Part dirt and part street made for some real cool fun. Little did we know, but this combination made us pretty good riders after a while. Power sliding 1A was the lesson of the day. Still remember everyones names..Mark West - Honda SL-100, Drew Ivy - Trail 70, Mike Tadio - Honda, BSA. 

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