Sunday, September 13, 2009


Way back when I couldn't live without the latest issue of -Dirt Bike Magazine - all I could think about was riding around on my Yamaha in the desert.

My dad and I went down to Mason Motors and was able to convince him that a motorcycle would be a practical vehicle to acquire. I think he understood how I felt. We walked out of there with a little 50cc Mini Enduro that I kept in my bedroom. I remember the salesmen telling dad he just had just enough on his master card if he maxed it out. You don't see these much anymore, even at the LB Swap Meet. They're hard to find. Lesson learned - DON'T SELL YOUR MOTORCYCLES!

My neighbors Drew had a Honda Trail 70 and Mark had a SL-100 which we rode around the neighborhood daily during those summers, taking turns tearing up each others back yards. We learned that we could only ride around for about 15 minutes at a time before the old ladies in the neighborhood called the cops. We'd wait till they'd go by, then it was back to riding. Cat and mouse all summer long!

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