Tuesday, September 8, 2009


The SoCal Norton Owners group is working on raising funds for the Hidden Springs Cafe family:
Hidden Springs Café Burned in Station Fire - Riders Rally to Raise Rebuilding FundsSouthern California Norton Owners Club
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After serving all of us like family for over 30 years, the Hidden Springs Café, on Angeles Forest Highway halfway between La Canada and Acton, has been burned out – a total loss.
Now it’s our turn to help the Lewis family – Janice, Elva, Otis and Jim – to rebuild a way of life for them and a welcoming haven for motorcyclists.
The Southern California Norton Owners Club – with Janice’s permission – will be coordinating fund raisers.
In the interim, donations can be sent to:
SCNOC, P.O. Box 61132, Pasadena, CA 91116-7132
Please make checks payable to SCNOC and include a notation re “Hidden Springs Café Rebuilding Fund”.
The names of donors will be posted on the www.socalnorton.com website and forwarded to the Lewis family.
Also, check the website for details on upcoming events.
Let’s all chip in to support a family business that has supported bikers for a generation at one of the nicest spots in the San Gabriel Mountains.
Please visit their website www.hiddenspringscafe.homestead.com to leave a message.Any help you can provide, as individuals or through clubs, will be greatly appreciated.
Suggestions are welcome.
Thanks,Southern California Norton Owners Clubhttp://socalnorton.com/

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tania said...

Thank you so much for helping out my family! It is times like these that you see the good in people. People that were once strangers come together and become family. I know my grandmother and my aunt and uncles appreciate everything everyone is trying to do for them!