Saturday, February 26, 2011

()()()()BIG TIME RAIN()()()()

One good thing about the rain. Sort through some old pictures clogging up your SD card.

Back in the 70's these were the shit. There's nothing so memorable than exhaust tone and smell coming out of these.

Equally as cool back then was a Kawi Tripple. You better have a set of plugs if your going to ride this around all day.

HD Sprint. Now i know where Honda got the idea for this type of engine.

Last summer got a chance to visit the paddock thanks to the Ulrich racing team. YEA - Monster. This bike had just taken a spill. No injuries, just a few scrathes.

This is just cool. Sight glass to watch them moving parts. Hmmmmm. This gives me and idea.

Look very closely at this picture. Someone takes their gas out when their not riding..

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