Saturday, January 2, 2010


This is s Sporty Rico (Hi-Bond Modified) put together a couple of years ago. Not sure were this bike ended up, haven't seen it around these parts. Simple and clean, something that the motor company needs adapt to attract new customers. Of course they'll never put out something of this nature due to all of the restrictions now days, so build your own, make your mark.

Found out from a friend today that the motor company is scaling back production in a big way. I guess in their infinite wisdom limiting production will drive the price of a HD up to make them MORE profitable. They figure making money like OPEC will make them the darlings of the motorcycle world. Mark my words, it won't work. They are also going to be closing down many of the HD boutiques where you can purchase a $2.50 Tee shirt for $50.00.
They gave Buell the axe just as they were starting to get competitive. They cut out the 883R project. All the signs of greed are there. I hate to say it, but HD seems to be on the same path as GM, at least from a business model perspective. They are losing touch with the riders (customers) and only listening to the cash registers.
Stay tuned boys and girls, this is going to get interesting.

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