Saturday, October 10, 2009


The other day while I was trying to focus my eyes after a 12 hour shift, an email came in pretty much saying that one of the biggest 1 day bike fund raisers is no more? Can't say I'm really surprised. The first few years of the Love Ride were real cool, but as time went on and the fat tire crowd became more prevalent, it became a yup fest. Damn these people ruin everything!

O.K. maybe I'm being too harsh. There are probably many other factors, including the not so great economy. Anyway, things change and sometimes for the better. One thing though, motorcycling means different things to different people and I guess it's all good, but sometimes I wonder.

EXAMPLE == Last spring as my daughter and I were riding around in Laughlin. I lost my shifter (that's another story) as I was making a left hand turn. Now typically a normal human on two wheels would have stopped and lent a hand. Not this idiot. He got all pissed of at me because I (along with 40 other riders) pulled a left turn at the same time he was making a right. I guess he got scared. I could see if I hadn't made eye contact with him, or if we were both in our cages..Anyway this guy and his wife were all decked out in brand new chaps, leather jackets, gloves, HD booties, matching his-hers helmets, microphone in the helmet, the whole nine-yards and of course the brand new bagger with all the latest Screaming Chicken stuff. Crap, it was 100 degrees! So after we picked up the shifter and stuck it back on, we just happen to pull up along side of you know who. I really couldn't hear what he was saying at first, but then my daughter with the better hearing said he was pissed. Shoot I though he was making fun of my mechanical skills! Pissed at what!! I gestured that he should stop crying and ride. The light changed, we took of and all was well again.
I guess what I'm trying to say that there are people who take this crap WAY TOO SERIOUS.

Have I made my point?


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