Thursday, October 1, 2009


The news for GM continues to get worse as U.S. automaker business unit Saturn folds for good. It's sad, but the deal with Penske fell through because no one in the U.S. or abroad wanted to build Saturns, even with the backing of Penske. GM execs are so stupid, they had a great product in the electric Saturn way before anyone and they had a network of dealerships. All was good. But, in usual GM style, let's not think about the future and CASH IN on the BIG SUV market -PROFIT-PROFIT-PROFIT. No vision = your broke.
When will the U.S. automakers start to listen to the consumer instead of their pocket books? If you listen to how former GM CEO (Bob Lutz) talks about the GM brand you'd think he's running for office! Hey STUPID, your selling cars remember!
OK, last comment on this. Now Chevy has the "Volt". Once again putting all of their eggs in one basket. They want you to buy a 40K car that is probably made of the same stuff of the now gone Saturn. Are you kidding me!! What GM needs to do is fire all of the dead wood and hire some fresh minds. Yea, you know, people with long hair, tattoos and that ride motorcycles.

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