Sunday, April 1, 2012


Rico is selling his bike. This bike has won numerous awards and..well I should let him tell you the story. Here are a few pictures.


4 sale

Vintage H.D.


Titled/Registered as 1973 H.D.

: Original 1952 chassis:

Frame, Hydra glide front end, transmission, oil bag, primary covers Etc.

:1973 H.D. 80ci. Shovel head engine.

H.D. = cases, heads, cylinders, cam cover, lifter blocks, oil pump,66 rocker boxes

*All genuine & rebuilt by Rico Fodrey -Hi Bond Modified with guarantee!!

Strong Solid Reliable


S&S flywheels, H.D. rods, Manley stainless steel valves, cast iron guides with seals, J&E forged pistons, Zippers-red shift cam, Crane lifters/pushrods,S&S super E carb

:1952 H.D. 4 speed transmission

Ratchet lid, ANDREWS close ratio gears - shafts – smooth shifting clutch gears, BARNETT Scorpion Clutch, BDL belt drive, 25 tooth sprocket, spin on oil filter -hidden behind Transmission, buttery smooth hand clutch & reverse = 1 up/3 down, shifting(4 hot ridding).

: 1952 H.D. chassis components.

Frame–all stock. Original working neck lock & keys

Hydra Glide – front end, polished legs/drum break, 2” under tubes, 1949 only Domed fork tube caps, 18” vintage Dunlap rim/star hub wheel.

Oil Bag & Primary cvrs. – Foot shift assembly linkage etc.

: Tech sheet –

ORIGINAL BATES SEAT –hidden mount & black springs as true to era.

Custom stainless steel oil lines,

16’ /3.5 rear flanged hub wheel - 10’ Performance Machine stainless steel rotor & 4 puck brake caliper, Chrome 49 tooth sprocket.

1958 foot break & MC – customized pedal =shortened & leaned Fwd.

Foot pegs custom mounted 3’ lower & 8’ back from standard = Lt. is behind kickstand mount, Rt. On brake pedal pivot shaft = Strong & Solid enough to stand on while riding.

Custom made Exhaust pipes – slit vintage dragster turn out/up tips.

Custom made Vintage style curvy solid fender & 3/8 stainless tube fender struts.

1972-3 FXE’s only. 4 Gal. gas tanks = more fuel & are early shapely looking unlike others – 1946 cat eye dash, repro. 1952 Speedo.

Custom made Alum. Side mount license plate with 1947 Indian taillight.

Foot controls, mounts, linkage etc. powder coat black = disappear/blend into chassis.

Vintage, stainless steel, 5 ½’ teardrop headlight.

Custom vintage style stainless steel 1 piece tapered Handle bar riser & Hi Bond stainless steel 10’ narrow Vista Bars.

50s H.D.Alum. Clutch/brake levers & customized 50s auto “swan” mirror.

Rare smooth/tapered throttle housing.

50s/60s - Heillings & Stelling. Hot rod, 4 ½ Louvered air cleaner.

#2 Hi Bond, Popsicle kicks pedal.

Black Paint, clear coated then - old stylized pinstripes BY 50+ yr. legend DAVE WHITTLE.

Sure to be many stories behind the build, those are best told by Rico himself.

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