Saturday, March 26, 2011


In a world where people are too self conscious and worry about what everyone thinks, or if they got the right look, blah, blah, blah. It's refreshing to see some people don't really give a crap about all that and do what ever it takes to have a little fun. Check out this add I ran across today on Craig's List, in no less the motorcycle for sale section. Don't know if the add is real but, since I myself have felt this way, I can relate to how this chap feels. What a great story this would make if you have the resources to help out.

Dear Chopper God,

Im sick of not having a bike. this is totally fucked. i work my gay retail job just to make enough to pay rent and to live in los angeles with the supastars, and im just so happy to do so. all im asking in return for being a faithful subscriber for years now to all chopper blogs, dice, greasykultures, japanese mags and regular visitor/patron to gargecompanys an glorysales, fleamarkets&thrift stores-(gettin my look right)...Is to get my knees in the breeze, out on the road. feelin free, gettin my kicks, ect.

im not asking for any pan/shovel, pre-unit, amazingly storied barnfind berdoo/oakland chopper, i just need to get to born free...ironhead, oil in frame, smoking dog; THAT ROLLS!! the last 2 years showing up in a car an leaving in a car was so weak. Enough complaining!

any of you lucky bastards out there with a bike for me sittin in the corner waiting for the right kid....LETS DO THIS!!! i do have some junk to sell/trade or im looking to make payments! i live in a tiny apartment with no garage so i wanna join your team!

alright dice-or Michale Davies maz scharff! or ANY dude whos down to help a brotha out im honestly all you number one fans!

-AL Swazika42069er

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