Monday, May 10, 2010


Here's the deal...

Need to find a good running 60's vehicle for my offspring. Here are some of the basic things I'm looking for to bring it home.

It's got to be AMERICAN MADE,


Power steering

Good brakes

Prefer a straight 6 but, will consider a small 8 banger

Prefer a 2 door, but will consider 4 if not too big

At least a working gas gauge

Minimal rust (magnet test will be done) straight body, good glass

Most important...No title drama. If you got the PINK-let's talk

I'm not looking for a classic to restore, just something easy to maintain to enable a kid to learn the value of keeping things up and how to do them on your own. I've got a budget of around 5k -tops.

email me or call 626.353.0711. Ask for Joe

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