Sunday, April 11, 2010


Funny thing how the motorcycle world emulates the economy. In days past the MotorCo would have these elaborate parking lot parties featuring LIVE MUSIC, choice of surf & turf, soft drinks, bike giveaways etc....Now it's more like cold hot-dogs, a bag of chips and music by Ipod played through a home stereo system. Don't get me wrong, the good stuff still happens. You see old friends and you meet new ones.

Another interesting observation, the variety of tastes and bikes people see as their masterpiece of what a bike should be. Although similar in some ways WORLDS away in the eye of the beholder. The passion is the common denominator when you speak to any of these folks; well at least the ones who have the two wheels on their mind 24/7. You know the type, you know the feeling it gives you.

The Orange and Black and the bikes..


Someone actually drove up on this thing. I can just imagine how much flexing goes on here. They guy riding it was pretty tall, but it was still a stretch.

The contrast is amazing...

This is paint.



Girl bike, Girl rider.

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